sasha's tales
Once three old ladies and two old men gathered in the park, sat on a bench, fed the pigeons, breathed in the air, and read Pushkin's tome... And then, passing by... a boy with curls ran, laughing, waving a willow stick, counting in French "Un, Deux, Trois". And suddenly, a surge overwhelmed the old folks and carried them onto unknown paths, where traces of unseen beasts lay, to the place where tales of the curly genius were lived and composed. And they felt light, transforming themselves into playful children and began to play: sometimes as lyceum students, then as Uncle Chernomor the Giant, sometimes tangling balls for the nanny, sometimes depicting the noisy waves of the sea.

The play is based on the tales and life of A.S. Pushkin.

спектакль Сашины сказки